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Deep Creek Lake Info
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Area Information

Ski Cove 4 is on the shore of Deep Creek Lake, a large lake, approximately 16 miles in length, with over 70 miles of shoreline.  It is located in the higher mountain elevations in the western-most part of Maryland, about 3 hours west of Baltimore and Washington D.C., and about 2 1/2 hours southeast of Pittsburgh.

Summer temperatures at Deep Creek Lake are often 10 degrees cooler than the neighboring metropolitan areas, and significantly less humid.  Even on summer nights, we often sleep with a light blanket.  Sitting outside in the evening is quite comfortable -- mosquitoes are not the trouble they'd be in warmer areas.

Winter temperatures tend to be colder here also, and our ski area, Wisp Resort, typically has snow by Christmas or before, whether natural or man-made.  Skiing usually lasts into early March.  We look forward to large winter snowfalls for the skiing and other recreational opportunities they provide, while our excellent county roads department quickly and efficiently clears roadways for travel (snow tires or all-season tires recommended!)

Spring comes late to the Deep Creek Lake area, but when it gets here, the Garrett County woods are beautiful, with white "zargus" blooms and redbud.  Water runs high in the rivers and streams from snowmelt, and it's cool enough for long bike rides on state forest trails.

Fall may be the highlight of our seasonal year -- celebrated with the Autumn Glory Festival which is centered in Oakland, 20 minutes away.  The Festival is usually on the second weekend in October (but check to be sure).  Other October weekend festivals included the Springs Folk Festival, just over the border to the north in Pennsylvania, and the  Buckwheat Festival in neighboring Preston County, West Virginia.  Rental rates go down after Labor Day.  Things quiet down after the summer, and the weather can still be warm, which means that early September weekends may be the best time to visit in the whole year!

Ski Cove 4 is located in McHenry, at the northern tip of Deep Creek Lake.  McHenry is the location for many Deep Creek Lake businesses, such as restaurants, gift shops, boat rental marinas, and entertainment.  Click here for a list of things to do and see while you're at Deep Creek Lake:

Deep Creek Lake "Things to Do" (courtesy of Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty)